The Ultimate Guide To Joshua Tree: California’s Stunning Natural Wonder

There’s a reason why U2 named their album Joshua Tree – this destination is a desert getaway like no other. Located in Southern California, Joshua Tree is one of the most fascinating, magical and unique destinations in America – perhaps even the world! This place attracts various kinds of travellers – from rock climbers and hikers, to artists and musicians of all kinds. Joshua Tree has it all. Take a trip to down to this Southern Californian desert this summer to unravel some of America’s hidden gems. Need help planning your trip? Check out our ultimate guide to Joshua Tree:

What To Do

Hidden Valley Trail

A 1-mile loop located in the centre of Joshua Tree. You can hike amongst pre-historic looking Joshua Trees, rocks and wildflowers here.

Arch Rock

If you’re on a family trip, this half-mile trail makes a perfect fit for the kids. Don’t fret when you complete the trail because there’s more to explore right after Arch Rock.

Ryan Mountain

Ryan Mountain spans 4 miles and is a moderate-level terrain with an elevation of 1000 feet. This popular hiking spot reaches the top of the central peak – a beautiful spot to catch Joshua Tree’s beautiful sunrise and sunsets.

Bob’s Crystal Cave

Hidden in the Sky Valley Swap Meet (an outdoor marketplace), Bob’s Crystal Cave was once a drive-in movie theatre. Bob, the owner of Swap Meet, built his crystal cave out of foam. Here you’ll find an oasis and plenty of crystals. You can admire the chest of crystals through the windows, but if Bob is present he’ll take you on a tour!

International Banana Museum

Although this museum is tiny, it’s full banana kitsch. Besides holding a collection of over 20,000 banana-related items to marvel at, you’ll find the best banana splits and banana milkshakes here! This attraction by the Salton Sea is quickly becoming a must-visit in Joshua Tree.

Where To Eat

Joshua Tree Saloon

Perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the Joshua Tree Saloon will lure you in with its live tunes and karaoke (usually on weekends), a fantastic menu, saucy burgers and endless beer selection. Make sure you try out the Mineshaft burger and catch “karaoke in the desert” on Friday nights.

Crossroads Café

For a real American breakfast, check out Crossroads Café and take a bite out of Mike’s Mess – eggs scrambled with potato, bacon, mushroom and topped with cheddar, tomatoes, sour cream and green onions. Sounds lush, doesn’t it?

29 Palms Inn

Fine dining in the desert? Yes, please! Treat yourself at 29 Palms Inn for a hearty brunch, lunch or dinner and enjoy the wide selection of wine they have to offer. Did you know that all the ingredients prepared at 29 Palms Inn come fresh out their very own organic garden?

Pappy and Harriet’s

What’s better than a Tex-Mex meal with live music? Pappy and Harriet’s is popular amongst plenty of artists, musicians and locals in Southern California and is worth a visit. Just be sure to make a reservation before all the seats fill up.

Where To Stay

Joshua Tree House

The Joshua Tree House is an Airbnb that will let you get the best value for your money. Hosts Sarah and Rich have gone to great lengths to create a beautiful and serene environment for their guests and they’re super helpful if you need help getting around.

Campbell House

Bed and Breakfast Campbell House, sister property of 29 Palm Inn, holds 12 cosy guest suites and cottages in Joshua Tree. If you’re looking for a quaint accommodation, this desert inn will captivate you with its old-world charm.

Mojave Sands

Lined with eco-minimalist Moroccan décor, Mojave Sands is a small lodge holding 5 rooms – but don’t judge too soon! Every room is ready with a private patio, an outdoor shower, a vintage record player and a library full of vinyl!

Pioneertown Motel

Check into a motel at an old western ghost town! The Pioneertown Motel offers rustic and hip rooms where you can relax, unwind and just be present. With its rich history and impressive musical timeline, this motel in Pioneertown will let you experience the best of old Hollywood.

Hicksville Trailer Palace

If you love a funky and secluded hideout, the Hicksville Trailer Palace is your best bet. This private accommodation will keep you entertained with a range of activities like ping pong, archery, darts, mini golf and many more. Keep in mind, the Hicksville Trailer Palace is hidden, so you won’t receive an address until you finalise your booking.

Did you enjoy our Joshua Tree guide as much as we did? We sure hope so. There’s nothing quite like the slow rhythm of desert life – away from the sights and sounds of a bustling city. Joshua Tree is the perfect spot for self-discovery and this serene hideaway is sure to recharge the human spirit. If you like what you see, don’t forget to explore more hotel offers with ENTERTAINER getaways on your ENTERTAINER app! You’ll get to enjoy your vacation with up to 60% off your hotel stay!

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