Costa Rica: Live Your Best Life And Discover La Pura Vida

Sloth sightings – it’s about time you added that to your bucket list. Jet away and slip into the Costa Rica state of mind. Known for its natural wonders and laid-back lifestyle, this travel destination has it all. Pura Vida, or “Pure Life” as the Ticos (locals) say, let’s you experience life as it truly is. Wake up to the sights and sounds of wildlife, trek the Arenal volcano along the lush diverse rainforests, discover endangered species, surf crystal clear waters, and experience pure tranquillity, space and relaxation among the biodiversity. Here’s how to live your best life and discover La Pura Vida In Costa Rica:

A little about San José…

San José

Located in the Central Valley, San José – also known to locals outside San José as “Chepe”, is the capital city of Costa Rica. Famous for its coffee trade, this vibrant city will give you the best of both culture and natural-living to awaken the wanderer in you.

Where To Go:

Mercado Centrale

Everyone loves a good authentic local market. The Mercado Centrale in San José is the place to be while you’re in Costa Rica. Dive into the aisles of Mercado Centrale and snag pocket-friendly finds from fresh coffee beans to cigars and hand-made local souvenirs. This central market of San José is an absolute feast for your senses.

Tip: Be aware of tourist traps and don’t be hesitant to bargain for what you want.

El Valle del Rio Orosí (Orosí River Valley)

Lingering around the city lights for too long can be a little daunting. For those looking to escape the city to embark on an adventure, Orosi River Valley is your ultimate hideout. Swing by vegetable plantations and the stunning Costa Rican countryside to Cartago (Costa Rica’s first capital) right before the Tapanti National Park. The Tapanti National Park offers various activities from white-water rafting to boat rides. Make sure you don’t miss out on the natural hot springs located on the right side while exploring the park! Get your cameras ready for the hiking trails and beautiful views from the lookout point of Orosi.

Where To Stay:

The Retreat

Located just less than a 30-minute journey from the San Jose International Airport, The Retreat is huddled between a quartz mountain, overlooking a stunning balcony view of the Pacific Ocean. This hotel provides panoramic views stretching over 60 miles across Costa Rica. More than just a luxury wellness accommodation, The Retreat truly feels like heaven on Earth.

Lapa Rios Ecolodge, Puerto Jimenez, Osa Peninsula

Costa Rica’s most biodiverse destination with a plethora of tropical wildlife to admire, the Osa Peninsula is simply breathtaking. Bird-watch Toucans and Scarlet Macaws as you sip on authentic Costa Rican coffee by the deck of your private bungalow at the Lapa Rios Ecolodge. This ecolodge is located deep into the rainforest, set with nature-trails, ocean views and waterfalls.

What To Eat:

Gallo Pinto

This is a breakfast plate to treat yourself to. Gallo Pinto is a dish made out of eggs, homemade corn tortillas or fresh bakery bread, natilla (sour cream), sweet plantains, and local cheese (turrialba). You have to try this dish at least once in Costa Rica – but we can’t promise that you’ll resist having more.


Strangely enough, this typical Costa Rican dish directly translates to English as “married man”. There are plenty of varieties of Casado, but authentically it includes rice, beans, fried sweet plantains, and serving of protein (fish, chicken, pork, or beef). Some Casados come with slices of fresh cheese, french fries or even grilled vegetables. Served for both lunch and dinner, this plate is the comida typica (typical food) of Costa Rica.


Chicharrones is a well-known local snack that’s usually served at family gatherings, fiestas, bars, and other events in Costa Rica. Calories don’t count when you’re on vacation – even if they tip the fat and cholesterol scale! Chicharrones are made of pork rinds, usually deep-fried. Ticos love them so much that they hold an annual Chicharrones Fair in Puriscal to celebrate this dish. Pair this with a Guaro Sour, a traditional cocktail made of guaro (sugar cane liquor), and you’re good to go!

It’s not a coincidence that Costa Rica is listed as one of the happiest places on Earth. And the Ticos? They won’t let you wanderers leave without showing how they #LiveLaPuraVida. This wildlife getaway is on a whole different vibe. Complete your beautiful Costa Rican adventure by booking your vacation with ENTERTAINER getaways on your ENTERTAINER app to enjoy up to 60% off your hotel stay!

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