Channeling your inner Parisian

The City of Love or City of Lights is what you usually associate Paris with being. Undoubtedly, Paris is one of the world’s most beautiful cities. There’s always a new restaurant or gallery to check out. Paris is not only an aesthetic pleasure but you are fascinated with the people and their way of life. What is the appeal tof the Parisian way of life? We shed some light on creating a true Parisian experience during your visit to this beautiful city. Oui, here are a few ways you can play at being a Parisian, or at least for the time you are in Paris.

Take a stroll at Le Marais

One of the Parisian’s favourite activities is “flâner à Paris”. It means to stroll in Paris. Rather than driving from one spot to another, Parisians prefer to walk. You experience the city by strolling the city and soaking in the views. For those who are interested to explore the unique depths of Le Marais – there is an actual walking tour for visitors, where a local will help you to navigate the secret maze of this beautiful, aristocratic part of town.

Get the Parisian look at Rue des Franc-Bourgeois

To feel like a true Parisian, you should look the part too. French people have a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ about them, to look effortlessly stylish and très chic. No, you don’t have to wear tulle or a beret! A clean and coordinated look is the way to go. Neutral colours are your best friends, so you don’t commit any fashion faux pas. If you are keen on a wardrobe change, check out the shops on this street – one of Paris’s trendiest shopping spot!

Satisfy your hearty cravings at 7th arrondissement

After exploring the city, you will work up an appetite. The cobbled streets of 7th arrondissement hold more than the jewel of Paris – the Eiffel Tower. In this quintessential neighbourhood, you will find old-style bistros that serve authentic French fare, less upscale but nevertheless charming. You will have to throw your diet out of the window, as food is part of the Parisian experience and will be one of the best memories of your holiday.

Bargain hunting at Saint-Ouen

Hidden around the outskirts of Paris in Saint-Ouen, is the vibrant Parisian flea market. French people love to hunt for vintage pieces and antiques. You can bring a piece of France home, ranging from trinkets, jewellery, homeware, décor and even vintage clothes. If you love something, you need to be quick and get it. Walking away means you are no longer interested. If the price is too high, you say ‘On est trop loin’ – which means the price is too high for me. If your sincerity is felt, you might just get what you want!

Evening Picnics at Champs De Mars

The locals enjoy spending their day having picnics at the gardens. Champ De Mars is the perfect place to experience the beauty of the Eiffel Tower. Surprisingly, most Parisians will tell you they prefer to be looking up at the iron lady, rather than being on the tower looking down. Be immersed in the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower at nightfall. The view gets even better, with a picnic under the stars and the Eiffel Tower as your backdrop. Your evening will be nothing less ‘magnifique’, we promise.

From the splendid views of the Eiffel Tower to the bubblegum skies, Paris is like a living dream. Discover the beauty of Paris and create magical memories of your own. Enjoy up to 60% off your vacation under ENTERTAINER getaways. Here’s the deal: launch your ENTERTAINER app, click on the ‘Travel’ tab, filter your options, explore hotel offers with ENTERTAINER getaways and you’re good to go (literally)! Don’t forget to tag us @entertainergetaways and share with us your wonderful experience.

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