48 Hours in Cairo, Egypt

Visiting Cairo can be tricky. If you do not know your way around the city, you will not know where to begin. Known as the cultural capital of the Arab World, Cairo – ‘Al Qahira’ holds many impressive possessions such as the Pyramids of Giza and the beautiful Nile River. The capital of Egypt has influences and infrastructures of the East and West, from the ancient times of the Roman Empire till modern Cairo today. If you are planning to visit Cairo and you only have 48 hours, we recommend these crucial sights and to-dos. We made this micro-guide – so you can make the best of your absolute time in Cairo!

Day 1- Experience Islamic Cairo

Here you will see the Alabaster Mosque also known as the Mosque of Muhammad Ali. Standing proudly on the highest point of the courtyard in the Citadel of Saladin, this religious site is the resting place of the last king in-line, Muhammad Ali Pasha. The regal and palatial exterior will leave you mesmerized – from its distinctive domes with 136 stained glass windows to its soaring high needle-like minarets. Walk through the courtyard and take in the views from the Citadel’s medieval fortifications. The impressive exterior matches the interior, and you will be speechless.

Roam the Souks – Khan Al-Khalili

Navigate the streets of one of the oldest souk in the Middle East, dated back to 1832. Browse through the vibrant displays of spices, handicrafts, traditional fabrics and antiques. This colourful and bustling souk is in the historic centre of Islamic Cairo and is accessible by metro – Ataba Station. Get your tourist cap on and grab some amazing Pharaoh’s souvenirs here. Some of the stall owners may not speak English, but that shouldn’t stop you from haggling for your souvenirs. Our tip is to bring along a calculator, comes in handy when exchanging bargains through a foreign language.

Kiss the Great Sphinx

Strike off your bucket list and visit one of seven wonders of the world- Great Pyramids of Giza. Once rumoured to be harbouring vast riches with gold and mummy tombs, today the trio pyramids are just empty rooms. Spend your afternoons exploring this ancient Egypt architecture. Get up close to the mysterious Great Sphinx and capture the kiss on your Insta-stories. If you want to learn about how life was like thousands of years ago, the sound and light show happening at night will unravel it all. Bringing you traces of the past, be whisked away into Egypt’s ancient history and legends of their great kings, through a combination of dramatic story-telling, light and music.

Day 2- Felucca into the Sunset

A felucca ride on the Nile river is a good way to escape from the bustling city. Feluccas are sailboats of the Egyptians since the time of the Pharaohs. When aboard, you will spot a man dressed in the traditional Egyptian male dress called the “Galabeya’. This man is the captain of the boat. You know you will be in good hands and watchful eye of the captain, as steering the sails on the feluccas is a perfected craft in Egypt. Set sail into the sunset on this traditional and ancient form of transportation and enjoy lounging on the boat’s draped and colourful deck with your loved ones while admiring the amazing views.

Savour Quintessential Local Fare

As for food, there are a plethora of places serving traditional Egyptian food. If you have adventurous taste buds and crave an authentic local fare, you have got to head down to Kebdet El Prince restaurant in the Imbaba area. A load-side restaurant on the streets, plastered with photographs of celebrities who have eaten here. Throw your diet out of the window, as the food here is not for the weak heart. Recommended dishes would be the ‘Molokheya’ – a green spinach-like soup that you usually have it over rice and chicken and, ‘Waraket Lahma’ – marinated beef cooked in the oven, which is a popular Egyptian dish to have around intimate gatherings and festive occasions.

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