Is Your #BeardGameStrong For World Beard Day?

Is your beard game strong? If so, how relatable are the following phrases to you? ‘Eww, you’re too lazy and scruffy to shave’, ‘You look 20 years older than you are’ and ‘Isn’t it itchy?’ Well, we’ve no room for negativity right now, especially as World Beard Day is approaching and we want to celebrate the furry faces of the world!

What have we done to mark World Beard Day?

Well, we wanted to ask our fuzzy-faced friends in the office just why they grow their beards – and as you can imagine, we received a few funny answers!

#1 It compensates for the lack of head hair.

#2 My grandad had a beard, so I was inspired to grow one. People at school said they’d raise a penny each for me to shave it off, but crowd funding wasn’t really a thing back in the early 90’s, and well, 23 years later, here I am.

#3 Well, I lost all of my hair so. P.S. I miss using shampoo.

#4 I’m not very good at shaving. And I’m lazy.

#5 Because I’d rather sit on the couch and pop thought bubbles.

Guys, can you relate? And ladies, just to keep you interested too, we thought we’d share a few of our favourite beards with you. Sported on some of our favourite male celebrities, no less.

What are we thinking: Beard or no beard?

World Beard Day   

World Beard Day   World Beard Day

World Beard Day   World Beard Day

Whether you’re for or against, you have to admit, they wear both looks well. Gentleman, we’d love to see some of your styles, so please feel free to share your beards with us! Happy World Beard Day, all!

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