Top 10 Vegetarian Spots On Your ENTERTAINER

Hi all! I am Coralie, and I handle the social team here at the ENTERTAINER. Although I have lived in Dubai for 4 years now, I still love discovering new places here that remind me of my travels, or France – where I am from! I have been a vegetarian since I was a kid, and I have to say, we are quite spoiled with the non-meat options on offer in Dubai. So, let me share with you my top 10 vegetarian spots – which you can find on your ENTERTAINER!

My top 10 vegetarian spots

Bistro des Arts

Location: Address Dubai Marina

I am a Parisian, and when I miss some food and ambiance from home, I always head to Bistro des Arts, just next door to Marina Mall. I was lucky enough to meet Chef Stephane when shooting a video for the ENTERTAINER, and I fell in love with the quality of his cuisine – everything there reminds me of a bistro in Paris! Being a cheese lover, I always opt for the famous Ravioles de Dauphine. If you need more cheese, you can also choose the Truffle Brie as a starter… It’s the best cheese I’ve ever had in Dubai. No matter whether you go for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you will always hear some really typical French music in the background.

GRK Fresh Greek

Location: City Centre Me’aisem & BurJuman

I have recently been on holiday to Greece and I totally fell in love with the food. Even though Greek cuisine is mostly meat-based, there are lots of vegetarians options. One place that reminds me of my trip is GRK Fresh Greek in Me’aisem City Centre. I always go for the Portobello Mushroom Pita, I like it a bit spicy so I always choose the Kaftero sauce. This is an excellent choice when I don’t want to cook at night, on my way back from the gym, or after a massage at Tips & Toes next door.

Amy’s Thai Bistro

Location: Golden Mile 6

I have this thing for Thai food, so I’m going to mention two places. The first is Amy’s Thai Bistro, located on the Palm in the Galleria Mall. A really casual one, I love sitting on the terrace and watching people run, or follow the monorail filled with tourists going to Atlantis and looking at Dubai with their surprised eyes. My choice is always the same: Green Vegetable Curry with Brown Rice.

Wise Kwai

Location: dusitD2 Kenz Hotel Dubai

I had the chance to shoot a video at Wise Kwai. The staff are all Thai, so  rest assured you will have an authentic menu to choose from. I love the interior, especially the old cameras hanging on the wall. This is a perfect place for an intimate dinner or a casual catch up. My go-to options: Red Curry or Vegetarian Pad Thai.


Location: Al Barsha & Jumeirah Lakes Towers

When Richy’s finally joined the ENTERTAINER with the delivery option, I was ecstatic! Offering fresh salads with a great combination of vegetables and proteins, they’re so tasty, and good for you. We usually order from here once a week, so it’s a must-try!

Bertin Bistro & Restaurant

Location: Sheikh Zayed Road

Ah, another home away from home spot, and a great addition to my top 10 vegetarian spots. From the north east region of France. I go for the Flammekueche – this is something really easy and quick to make, even at home! We even did a video to show you! I always go for the Gratinee with cream cheese, onions, emmental and mushroom! I usually visit Bertin over the weekend, or for a business lunch.

Big Fernand

Location: CityWalk

I love CityWalk, and I often go there to enjoy a stroll especially during the cooler weather. It’a also a great chance to visit the newly opened BHV store (straight from Paris), have a coffee or to take a wander around The Green Planet, which I do when I am seriously missing some greenery. While I’m there, I always stop at Big Fernand before or after. I will always remember when it first opened in Paris. There was a line everyday in front of the small shop to get one of their homemade burgers. My meat lover friends always ask me the same question: “How can you not eat a real burger?” I always reply: “Well my dear friends, I don’t remember the last time I had any red meat so I don’t miss it. Plus, when you have the ‘Gaston’ option at The Big Fernand, I don’t need to eat meat to taste great flavour!” – Gaston is a mushroom burger with some amazing cheese from Savoie (The French Mountains).

Moti Roti

Location: Jumeirah Lakes Towers

A new addition to the ENTERTAINER, I just tried Moti Roti for the first time and enjoyed it a lot. We often get it delivered to the office and I usually choose from their Rice Boxes. The Plucky Palak Paneer Rice Box is delicious (a little spicy and with some spinach in it). On another note, the social media enthusiast in me just loves their Instagram account, too.

Life’n One

Location: Jumeirah

Whether you are looking for a quick lunch, a catch up with your friends or some ‘me’ time, I would send you straight for a Yoga Class at Life’n One, followed by a coffee and an Acai bowl! Although Life’n One’s coffee is not on the ENTERTAINER, their Yoga Classes are, and this is where I love to go over the weekend. I usually start my Friday with a Yoga or Pilates Class, and then head to the tranquil garden for a nice breakfast. Eda, the owner, has become a friend, and I admire her for the concept she has brought to Dubai. The moment you enter Life’n One you will be filled with positive energy.


Location: Dubai Design District

I could not finish without mentioning this place. Molecule is another new addition to Dubai and The ENTERTAINER. I love everything about this place. First, it is located in the trendy Dubai Design District. Secondly the ambiance is incredible. They have an arty interior (watch the ceiling you will be amazed!). They also have their own live radio you can listen to it anytime – even from your home: and sometimes, my favorite Dubai-based DJ plays there: James Locksmith And how could I forget the food? Really classy, with fresh products – this is a fine dining experience.

I hope with these top 10 vegetarian spots that I have given you some inspiration to try some new places!

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