The secret to killing boredom at home

We’ve counted every ceiling panel, every floor tile and rearranged everything in sight alphabetically and by colour. There is only so much Netflix one person can watch and 8 episodes of Tiger King is just not enough! If you binge-watched it like us as a way of killing boredom, then we know that only took up half a day and we’re back to being bored in no time.

We’ve seen everyone become a master baker and Instagram is flooded with pictures of banana bread.

People are even reverting to jigsaws…

We’ve decided that it’s time to take matters into our own hands and find ways to entertain ourselves for the foreseeable future.

Idea #1 – Build a fort/tent

We don’t care how old you are, if you have kids or not or even live alone. Get creative and engineer yourself a tent out of sofa cushions, blankets, cushions…whatever you have to hand. Grab it and build it.

The sense of satisfaction you’ll get from it will be immense and now you’ll have a hideaway to hang fairy lights, fill with snacks and watch re-runs of your favourite show in cosy comfort.

killing boredom

Idea #2 – Learn a completely pointless skill…like juggling

You’re probably raising your eyebrows and saying ‘ huh?’ right now but hear us out. Have you ever seen someone do something random like swallow swords or backflip 100 times and think ‘I wish I could do that’? Well, now is the time to learn.

Youtube has a wonderland of tutorials and with no one to judge you or anything else to distract you, you could hone that weird and useless skill to perfection and present it at the ‘welcome back to society party’ we’re all inevitably going to have when this is over.

Idea #3 – Start a Google Doc with friends

Get fancy with it. Add tabs, colour code it and create formulas. Share it with your friends and let them add anything to it. Tips on cooking, shows they’ve discovered, cleaning hacks, songs to motivate each other…it updates in real-time, is a personal way to stay connected with your friends and it’s so easy to do.

killing boredom

Idea #4 – Get on TikTok

If you haven’t caved in yet, then it’s time to bite the bullet. TikTok is booming right now and you can literally lose hours of your life scrolling through and absorbing all the weird and wonderful content out there right now. It’s the perfect boredom killing tool.

Also, we’ve created some pretty cool videos and we’re only just getting started so maybe give us a follow while you’re there…@entertainerapp

Idea #5 – Start an online book club

Are you a bit of a bookworm? After you’ve read a fantastic book that took you on an emotional rollercoaster, the first you want to do it is talk about it with other like-minded people and pick apart all the details. Isolation kind of makes that hard to do though, so why not use your spare time to set up a schedule, choose the books and talking points?

Then all that’s left to do is get people involved and get the ball rolling! Don’t forget to invite us, we’d love the company…

Idea #6 – Clean. Everything.

How many times have you dusted the top shelves of your cupboards since you moved in? Have you ever cleaned all the grouting between your tiles? While being cooped up indoors, staring at all the things you’ve been meaning to get around to, is now unavoidable.

Become a domestic goddess and get scrubbing because after this lockdown is over, you’ll have the house you’ve always dreamed of and by golly, we bet you’ll feel smug.

Idea #7 – Take a virtual tour

Did you know you can take free virtual tours of some of the world’s most famous museums and cultural landmarks? Granted, it’s not quite as good as being there in person but with 360-degree views and HD zooming capability to read signs and information boards, you can spend hours killing that boredom by ‘wandering’ round from the comfort of your sofa.

Admire paintings, sculptures and art installations. Brush up culturally across the globe with just a few clicks. It’s quite amazing and a great tool to incorporate into all that home-schooling you might be knee-deep into right now.

Idea #8 – Rearrange your furniture

Not only will this is change up your house enough to feel like you’re isolating somewhere completely new, but it will also give you the perfect opportunity to search for coins and junk that have gotten lost under the sofa! You can have a deep clean while you’re at it.

Be extra with it and watch some tutorials on Feng Shui. See if you can breathe some new life into your living space and make your home zen AF. Might as well make the most of your space while you’re locked inside it 24 hours a day, eh?


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