6 To Try: Dubai’s Best Pancake (& Breakfast) Places!

As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And recently, we got to eat pancakes for it.

Pancake Day: up there in our top three favourite days of the year. Hands up if you indulged this year? Us too. And it got us thinking… Why do we have to limit ourselves to only one day of eating the scrumptious sweet (and often savoury) treats per year? So, we asked you guys, our lovely members, to share your most favourite pancake places on your App that you love to visit. Then, we went there, to eat them ourselves (you know, just to back up your comments). But don’t worry, we snapped some mouthwatering moments, and we know it’s 100% going to get you inputting the next pancake date in your diary. Not got a breakfast place sorted for this weekend? Well, now you have!

Where did we visit? Maison Mathis, Reform Social & Grill, and Jones the Grocer. And of course we flipping loved them! If you haven’t yet tried them, here’s why we know you’ll adore them too…

Regret nothing at Reform Social & Grill

Location: Emirates Hills

We were spoiled, and got treated to some Pancake Day specials: think marshmallows, sprinkles and a scoop of bubblegum ice cream. They were amazing. Although a one-day special, do not fear, as you can choose the following from their menu, any day of the week!

  • Seriously good Scottish Drop Pancakes – plus, you can add bacon & Lyle’s golden syrup, or top it with banana & Lyle’s golden syrup. Yum.
  • The über gorgeous Gluten Free Buckwheat Pancakes – ideal for those of you with an intolerance (and you can add the above toppings if you like!)

Just one question: sweet or savoury at Jones the Grocer?

Location: Various, including Sheikh Zayed Road & Al Safa

How do these sound – Homemade Coconut Flour Pancake, with blueberry compote, fresh berries, pecan crumble and whipped Greek yogurt? Nice, huh? They are, we can assure you. Don’t have such a sweet tooth? Then how about opting for the Sweetcorn Pancake with chorizo jam, herb salad and two poached eggs. It’s fun to mix it up a little bit, and we weren’t disappointed.

Go mad for Maison Mathis

Location: Arabian Ranches

More specifically, go crazy for crepes! Just what do Maison Mathis have in store for you on your next visit? Some delicious delicacies, that’s for sure (and these are the ones we tried). However, feel free to add your own toppings!

  • Crepe with a Belgium Twist – strawberry coulis, fresh mixed red fruit and natural vanilla ice cream
  • Lotus and Caramel Cream – crushed Lotus biscuits and ice cream
  • Nutella and Banana – vanilla ice cream and homemade chocolate crumble

Other appetising options, all on your App!

For a gigantic choice, visit Granny’s Waffles

Location: Dubai Airport Freezone & The Dubai Mall

We could go on and on and on and on an.. about how many options Granny’s Waffles provides us pancake lovers with, but we would be here for a very long time. One of our favs? Raspberry and Chocolate Pancakes – chocolate pancakes covered with warm milk chocolate and topped with a handful of raspberries and crushed biscuits. You’re going to have to visit yourself to try the rest!

For something French, Bistro des Arts is for you

Location: Address Dubai Marina

Stepping away from the pancakes for now, try some fabulous French options at Bistro des Arts. Beautifully located in Dubai Marina, you can choose from the likes of Norwegian Bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese, or Croque Monsieur. Once you’ve tried their breakfast, you’re going to want to try their lunch/dinner, so get a feel for it here in our video with their Chef!

Redeem yourself at Eat Well Restaurant

Location: Zabeel 1

And if you’re sick of all the calories, we do also have a few healthier options on the App, including Eat Well Restaurant. Two free range poached eggs, red lentils, sweet potato, GF cumin soldier, coconut and coriander is just one of the breakfasts you can have! See the photo below for another.

Thank you, our ENTERTAINER members, for giving us all the breakfast inspiration. On your next visit to any of the above, make sure you snap a picture, and tag us in it!

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