6 brilliant ways to keep cool in Abu Dhabi

Just because it’s summer and the overbearing heat is nearly inescapable doesn’t mean you need to stay cooped up in your house all season. That’s why we have put together a check-list of things to keep cool in Abu Dhabi. There are plenty of things to be doing around the capital that involve only a quick trip from the car to the next air-conditioned building to keep you cool and entertained.

Check these top 6 activities and places to tick of the list to while away the long summer days –

Saadiyat Beach Club: Day Pass

Estimated Savings: AED200
Location: Saadiyat Island
Our Opinion: No matter the weather, a pool day is always our top shout for keeping cool, chilling out and making the most of the desert life. The view at Saadiyat is one of the best, with uninterrupted views of the seas and not a building in sight. It really feels like you’ve broken away from the hustle of the city in just a short drive. It’s one of our favourite beach club hideaways and we always leave feeling refreshed.
Top Tip: 
Book a cabana for a prime spot right by the pool and sunshine all day long.

keep cool in abu dhabi

Safina: Main Course

Estimated Savings: AED80
Location: Saadiyat Beach Club
Our Opinion: When you’ve had enough sun at Saadiyat, step inside the gorgeous Safina. This is Saadiyat Beach Clubs signature restaurant with charming seaside decor, perfect for cooling off and having a bite to eat. We wish our house could be a chill as the vibe at Safina, it’s a great spot to keep cool in Abu Dhabi, for sure.
Top Tip: 
Order the chocolate fondant. We had to have two!

Spacewalk: 4Min First Class Flight

Estimated Savings: AED
Location: Abu Dhabi Country Club
Our Opinion: Not brave enough to jump out of a real plane? Spacewalk has the perfect solution. Get suited and booted and try your hand at skydiving without needing a parachute. Just as thrilling but 100x safer!
Top Tip: 
You’ll be surprisingly sore afterwards as it’s good full-body work out trying to balance in the wind tunnel. So take it easy the next day!

Bounce: General Access or Fitness Class

Estimated Savings: AED85
Location: Marina Mall
Our Opinion: Wear comfortable clothes and bring plenty of water because not only is a visit to Bounce INCREDIBLY fun, itโ€™s a serious workout. The best bit about it is, you can fall over and not look stupid or worry about hurting yourself! Letโ€™s get bouncing.
Top Tip: 
Try one of their fitness classes, youโ€™ll work up a serious sweat.

The Pool, Shangri-la: Pool Pass

Estimated Savings: AED300
Location: Shangri-La Hotel, Qaryat Al Beri
Our Opinion: The swimming pool at this hotel is absolutely stunning. It has an infinity drop facing the ocean so it feels like you could float straight out to sea and the view is incredible. Itโ€™s the perfect selfie moment if ever we saw one.
Top Tip: 
Go with friends and make a day of it. Catching up on gossip and the topping up the tan in between a cocktail or two.

keep cool in abu dhabi

Adventure HQ: 60Min or 90Min Adventure Zone Admission

Estimated Savings: AED100
Location: Yas Mall
Our Opinion: If you have an inner thrillseeker bursting to get out then Adventure HQ is the place for you. You can literally climb, jump, run, leap, bounce, and hang from all sorts of surfaces. Adventure HQ gives daredevils the chance to experience outdoor sports but in the comfort of the air conditioning. 
Top Tip: 
Don’t go if you are even remotely afraid of heights! It’s higher than it looks…

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