Which Games of Thrones House are you in?

Winter has finally arrived and the final season of Game of Thrones is approaching fast. We can’t believe this epic series is coming to a close and if you are anything like us you have been crossing the days off your calendar since they released the teaser poster last year.

Whether you are a hardcore Targaryen fan, want to be best mates with Tyrion Lannister or you’re still crying over Ned Starks early and quite frankly upsetting demise, you will no doubt find yourself identifying with your favourite characters and fantasising how you, if given half the chance, would be the one to take over the Iron Throne in a blaze of wildfire, sword brandished, screaming “victory!!!” (we’ve thought about it a bit, can you tell?)

We don’t get to choose our family though and if you have wondered which house you’d fit into then take a look at the list of Offers below and see which one appeals to you most to reveal your house!

There are dozens of houses, of course, so we chose 7 of the well-known names to get you started –


Ice Cream Lab – Multiple Locations in Dubai

Offer: Large Cup of Ice Cream
Savings: AED32

Cold Stone Creamery – Multiple Locations in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Offer: Love it Ice Cream
Savings: AED23

Rulers of the North, immune to cold weather and tough as old boots. House Stark is a smart and brave House and if you’re the kind of person who eats ice cream no matter the weather or occasion, you’d fit in well with the likes of Ned Stark with a dire wolf by your side. In the harshest of environments, Ned managed to thrive and if push came to shove, he could probably have made food from the snow he found himself surrounded by, which would be perfect for an ice cream lover like yourself right?!


Kitchen Connection – Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Offer: Buffet
Savings: AED265

Rosewater – Jumeirah at Etihad Towers

Offer: Buffet
Savings: AED210

Once a great house, the Baratheon bloodline is technically no longer in existence since the death of Robert and Stannis Baratheon but if you’re a ‘have your cake and eat it too’ kind of person, this might just be the house for you. Robert was a great King, but he liked to indulge. He had a taste for rich food, hunting, women…he took what he wanted, never learnt his lesson and went back for more. A buffet was probably his favourite thing and might just be yours too.


Barbecue Delights – Multiple Locations across Dubai

Offer: Main Course
Savings: AED40

Dolmabahce Restaurant – Al Raha Beach, Abu Dhabi

Offer: Main Course
Savings: AED85

I think most people are in agreement that House Targaryen is one to be feared and admired in equal measures. You might not like Daenerys or her father, the Mad King, but a House with Dragons is not one to be crossed. With a simple command, you could become BBQ’d dragon chow if the Mother of Dragons felt so inclined and that’s why, if smoked meat with that mouthwatering crispy BBQ flavour is your ideal meal, House Targaryen is the right fit for you.


Graze Gastro Grill – La Ville Hotel & Suites City Walk

Offer: Main Course
Savings: AED120

D’ Capital Steakhouse – Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi

Offer: Main Course
Savings: AED150

So they say a Lannister always pays their debts and with the number of underhand dealings they do, it’s a good job too. Fierce and strong-willed, the lion on House Lannister’s sigil suits them well; as would a slap-up three-course steak dinner. If you drool at the thought of perfectly seared steak and all the trimmings, we think you would feel right at home around a dinner table with the Lannisters, plotting your next move and who to bump off next.


Elixir Spa @ Grand Habtoor Resort – Habtoor Grand Resort, Autograph Collection

Offer: 60Min Traditional Thai Massage
Savings: AED620

Elle Spa – Marriott Hotel Downtown Abu Dhabi

Offer: 60Min Signature Serene Massage
Savings: AED400

While ruling over Highgarden and with a rose as their sigil, you would be forgiven for thinking the Tyrells were an easy touch. But the point of their sigil is to show even something beautiful, like a rose, has hidden thorns. With their fair and often cunning way of doing business, the Tyrells are a cool, calm and collected bunch. If a spa visit fills you with joy, you would feel at ease in Highgarden laughing over your next chess move and admiring the flowers.


Hydro Watersports – Jumeirah Beach Residence

Offer: 30Min Hoverboard or FlyBike
Savings: AED600

Wake Evolution – Eastern Mangroves Promenade

Offer: 120Min Kayaking
Savings: AED120

With a strong affiliation to water and being the House tied to Riverrun, The Tully’s are fluid, adaptable and charming people. With links and ties to many other Houses through marriage, they are smart and persistent with their infiltration, just like a collection of rivers that form an estuary. When you make plans at the weekend and your first thought is to be outside, on open water trying out thrill-seeking watersports, the Tully’s are your kind of people.


Ting Irie – Downtown Dubai

Offer: House Beverage or Cocktail
Savings: AED50 or AED70

Beach House Roof Top Bar – Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel and Villas

Offer: House Beverage
Savings: AED45

Full of misfits, outlaws and staunchly proud men, the Night’s Watch is a dark, hardened place to find yourself. With a duty to watch over the wall and protect Westeros from what lies beyond, a good stiff drink could be the one thing pulling you through those long hard nights. If staying up all night, bonding with your fellow night owls and knocking back a few are top of your list of fun things to do, you should definitely be sworn into the Night’s Watch.

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