Get Your Fit Together In Dubai

While we’re still blessed with the cooler conditions, it’s important that we get outside and make the make the most of the weather, before we all begin moaning about the heat again, right? With the temperature sitting prettily within the 20s – for now – it’s the ideal time to get ourselves up, out, and releasing those endorphins with some good ol’ exercise and fresh air. Luckily for you, our Queen of all things fitness/Head of Information (yes we see you smashing those half-marathons and triathlons) here at the ENTERTAINER HQ has shared her tips on where to train in order to achieve that summer body. Over to you, Vicky.

Get your fit together in Dubai

While winter is still here, it’s time to head outdoors!

Living in Dubai during the summer can be hard. But from November – April, we get to enjoy perfect weather conditions, and we’re lucky enough to live in a city with amazing infrastructure for sports. Want to know two of my favourite spots to train? Here they are:

| Al Qudra Cycle Track

If you know how to ride a bike then you MUST visit Al Qudra at least once. I recommend taking on the 49km loop – depending on your fitness level, it could take anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours, but the beauty of the scenery is totally worth it. Tip: Head out early in the morning to enjoy the sunrise over the sand dunes, and if you’re lucky enough, you may well just see an Arabian Oryx (or more!)

You don’t have a bike you say? No problem. You can use your ENTERTAINER for a One Day Bike Hire at the Cycle Hub in Motor City. When you fancy that second ride, it’ll be on us!

| Jumeirah Beach Track

This is a 7km stretch that starts from the public beach next to Jumeirah Beach Hotel (also known as Roy’s beach) and goes all the way up to Dubai Canal. So, running the full track up and down can get you to a very respectable 14km runTip: I recommend running there on weekday evenings, as it tends to get quite busy on weekends – a small price to pay for a beautiful track that runs through Dubai’s most popular beaches.

Or perhaps you prefer the indoors, but think the gym is too boring?

It’s time to give these classes a try…

| GFX Studio – The Trip

This is a high intensity indoor cycling workout designed by Les Mills. Located in both Business Bay and Mirdif, experience GFX’s immersive fitness. Instead of simply following instructions, you have a movie theater screen in front of you, where you can actually see that hill you’ve been trying so hard to climb. At times you’ll feel that you’re actually inside this virtual world. Plus, it’s on your ENTERTAINER, meaning you can receive 50% off your workout.

| A spot of meditation – Yogi Studio

As a fan of higher intensity workouts, I used to dismiss yoga as “not real exercise”. This completely changed 4 years ago, when I tried my first yoga class. I now try to squeeze in at least one session per week as I have seen great benefits – both mentally and physically. Yoga will enhance your flexibility, balance and muscle strength and help your mind relax and focus on the present moment. It’s the perfect all-rounder (and of course, this Motor City studio is on your App, offering you 50% off your session).

Stay motivated – sign up for a race!

I find that working towards a goal always helps me with my motivation. Signing up for a race is the best way to make sure that you won’t skip your run because you’re too tired after work, or couldn’t possibly imagine waking up at 6am to pound the pavements.

Why not check Premier Online and see if there’s something there you’d be interested in participating in?

Happy workouts everyone!

If you’d specifically like to know the ins and outs of training for a triathlon, our very own in-office Iron Man, Dan can give you some tips, too! Or, if you’d just like to browse some of our fav fitness accounts, they too may help you jump out of bed in the morning.

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