Dubai Newbies: What You Need To Know

We like digging into the lives of some of our colleagues here at ENTERTAINER HQ, especially when they’re new. Meet Lara, our Recruitment Administrator, who only very recently took the plunge and moved on over to Dubai. We thought she would be the perfect person to share some tips on what all Dubai newbies need to know after moving here, so she’s very kindly shared her tips:

What every Dubai newbie needs to know

Yes, yes, it can be pricey, but there are plenty of ways to save

Dubai is renowned for being an expensive place, with cash being splashed everywhere. However, for the average twenty-something-year-old, and Dubai newbie, this cash-splashing is not something we can take part in. Thankfully there are ways around it, such as ladies’ nights – which are every night of the week at different restaurants and bars. And yes, ladies can go out for free! Of course, you can also take advantage of your ENTERTAINER App, which offers great 2-for-1, percentile and save and spend deals at restaurants, bars, some of the best theme parks (such as Wild Wadi), spas, desert adventures and many other attractions all around Dubai. From nights out, to ordering food in, it has you covered.

Think hot, then think even hotter

Everyone knows Dubai is scorching, with temperatures going beyond 50 degrees (celcius) on some summer days, but even in winter we all need a place to go and cool off. What better way than to go to a lavish beach club with some friends or family? Thankfully in this hotel-filled city, there are so many great places to take a dip with a wide variety of atmospheres. I would recommend Nikki Beach: with its trendy vibe, tribal décor, panoramic views of Downtown Dubai and the Burj Khalifa and amazing food inspired from all around the world, you just cannot go wrong! Plus, with the ENTERTAINER you can even enjoy 2-for-1 beach and pool access for a great day of music, sun and fun. So, stay cool in this Dubai heat with a few cold drinks and a pool party!

Huge social scene (eating & drinking) = lots of fitness enthusiasts

With all the great deals on food and drink, everyone is trying to avoid gaining weight, i.e. the dreaded ‘Dubai Stone’. Luckily, there are so many fun ways to keep fit, from Aquaspin at The Fairmont (with beautiful views of the beach and the city) and yoga at Zen Yoga in Media City or Emirates Hills, to Pole Classes at Pole Fit Dubai. At 50% off each class, there’s really no excuse to not keep active (does this mean we can go out more?)

It really is as luxurious and beautiful as it looks in pictures

Home to some of the most famous and beautiful skyscrapers and buildings in the world, Dubai boasts a very famous 7* luxury hotel, as well as an underwater hotel in the middle of the ocean, and even an the Armani Hotel inside the tallest building in the world (yes, Burj Khalifa, we see you). And we can feel just as fabulous as these iconic buildings are, by dining inside them. If you want some Arabic cuisine at Al Iwan or Bab Al Yam inside the Burj Al Arab, all you 23-year old’s thinking you’d never be able to dine, you’re wrong, as you can do it for half the price. (Check here for some other amazing Middle Eastern spots too!)

Welcome to Dubai! I hope this helps. You’ll very quickly see how easy it is to fall in love with this city.

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