5 Reasons why coffee is the greatest thing on earth


Coffee is our number love in life and to be honest, we don’t quite trust people who claim not to like it, let alone those people who are able to wake up and start their day without some kind of caffeine boost.

It’s liquid energy and fuels us through the best and worst moments in life. For International Coffee Day we wanted to pay tribute to the elixir of life and explain exactly why coffee is the greatest thing to grace the planet and our lives.

It’s the ultimate catch-up drink

You know what we are talking about. You must have lived a very sheltered life if no one has said to you ‘let grab coffee one day!’ or scheduled a meeting ‘over coffee’. It’s casual yet formal enough for both gossiping with an old friend, going on a date or having a meeting with a client. It takes a while to drink so there is no rush and it’s a great bonding experience for all involved.


It’s wonderfully versatile

If you fall into the camp of people that dislike coffee then we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume it’s because you’ve not discovered how you like it. It can b straight-up black, milky, iced, sweet, flavoured, mixed with ice cream, chocolate or topped with whipped cream…the possibilities are endless.

Coffee can even be added to food and inanimate objects

It isn’t just for drinking, people. It’s used in body scrubs, candles, ice cream, cake, biscuits and so much more. It can transform dull skill and make any room smell divine. It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

It wakes you up, obviously

No matter the time or situation, coffee is there to pick you up and give you a much-needed boost. Whether it’s the reason you get out of bed or the crutch you lean on to get you through an afternoon slump, it never fails to invigorate and give you a buzz!

Coffee is good for you

There have been numerous studies over the years that suggest coffee is good for brain and liver function. It is packed with anti-oxidants, reduces stress and makes people happy! When drunk responsibly, of course, we’re not talking about force-feeding yourself 10+ cups a day. As delicious as that might be, it’s not sensible (we’re sorry).


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