3 Insta Tips For The Best Food Pics

After previously sharing 3 Awesome Insta-Tips from Instagrammer @Tjasha on how to create the ideal Insta-worthy image (à la the Queen of flat lay photos), we thought it’d only be fair to delve into another blogger’s life, and reveal just a few extra hot hints for you. Cue, The Gastronaut ­– food, travel and lifestyle influencer, @homamino. From the most delectable dishes and cute coffees, to overly divine destinations and enticing eateries, he has it covered across his channels.

We invited the lovely Homam down to Bareburger, to show us just how to put these into practice… Based in both City Walk and Festival City, the American family run franchisee prides itself on its dedication to providing organic, non-GMO and all natural ingredients – hooray for healthier burger options, we hear you cry!

With its quaint and quirky diner-inspired décor, to its family-fun ambience, the eco-minded regional chain looks after you – and your little ones – by offering a more guilt-free alternative. If we can’t lure you in with one of the Buckaroo beauties (think prime beef, aged cheddar and smoke sauce in a fresh brioche bun), we are sure we can sway you with a fabulous Farmstead (sweet potato, quinoa and tomatoes in a gorgeous – but green! – wrap).

Alternatively, freestyle it and create your own – with so many options to choose from, it may prove difficult to decide. However, with 2 for 1 on all Main Courses with your ENTERTAINER, you have many more reasons to try them all! If you want to see for yourself how they create the most picture-worthy burger, watch one of the chefs prepare one right here.

And don’t forget, for your own Insta-inspiration, be sure to check out @homamino’s page!

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