Ali’s Guide To The Best Arabic Restaurants In Dubai

Within our team, it’s always fun to share our latest favourite places to hang out in, and this week is no different! Ali, our Arabic Copywriter, has kindly provided us with some fab Arabic restaurants that are at the top of his must-visit list at the moment. Have you tried any of them yet?

Dubai is a foodie’s paradise with the most wonderful flavours from all around the world gathered in one place. But for those feeling homesick, or simply missing the traditional food from the Levant area (Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria), the fantastic little eateries below would definitely make a great weekend of savoring the best of what Arabic restaurants have to offer.

The greatest Arabic restaurants in Dubai

Where do I head for breakfast? Zaroob, of course!

Location: Golden Mile 1, Palm Jumeirah

Ideal for the whole family, Zaroob is the perfect morning spot as it serves authentic Arabic favourites. Fridays are usually reserved for breakfast with the family, and what better than a taste of home at one of the coziest Levantine eateries in Dubai. You will find the heartiest foods at Zaroob, like fava beans, mana’eesh (flatbread pastry), and of course falafel.

And lunch? Usually a trip to Pier 7…

Location: Pier 7

Abd El Wahab is definitely up there with my favourites, because it offers fresh seafood dishes, alongside other Lebanese signature items like appetizers and grills, while overlooking the amazing Dubai Marina. It is also one of the few places in Dubai that offers the convenience of enjoying a taste of Beirut while sipping on local beverages famous in my home country. So if you’re feeling nostalgic, head to Abd El Wahab for some mouth-watering starters and finish with a glass of grape on the side.

Dinner often involves heading to Grand Café

Location: Downtown Dubai

If you’re looking for a nice sheesha spot in Downtown Dubai, this is the place to go. Known for its grand Arabic atmosphere and live music, the café-style venue offers one of most entertaining evenings in Dubai. While the food is great, the interiors and vibrancy of the place transforms you back to the streets of Beirut from the moment you step into the restaurant, and until you leave (late!).

And when I’m not eating, I like to find something for the little ones

After a long day of pure food pleasure, take the kids on over to Dubai Mall, where they can enjoy monitored indoor football sessions at GOAL! while you enjoy some Arabic coffee with authentic sweets at the nearby Zahr El-Laymoun – located in Souk Al Bahar. It’s a win win for both the kids and the adults – they get to play, while you get to shop (and drink coffee!)

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