There’s Always Time For Ice Cream In Abu Dhabi!

In our humble opinion, there is always time for ice cream. It’s loved by the young and old alike and when the sun is bearing down on a hot summer’s day (which is pretty much every day of the year in Abu Dhabi), there is nothing more refreshing and naughty than a creamy frozen dessert. No matter your favourite flavour, our list of hot ice cream joints will definitely have something up their sleeve (or in the fridge) to satisfy your sweet tooth and cool you down.

Ice-Cream Lab: Medium Cup of Ice Cream

Location: Multiple
Estimated Savings: AED27

Try something different at Ice Cream Lab with their awesome toppings and flavour combos.

London Dairy: Sundae

Location: Multiple
Estimated Savings: AED20

Whether it’s a whole pot or just a scoop, we know you won’t be able to resist London Dairy’s creamy frozen desserts, because we know we can’t!

Haagen-Dazs: Waffle Dream

Location: Multiple
Estimated Savings: AED44

What’s not to love about Haagen-Dazs. It’s a classic!

Magnolia Bakery: Dessert

Location: The Galleria
Estimated Savings: AED20

Something a little different to traditional ice cream but fantastic and equally delicious is Magnolia’s banana pudding. Light, creamy, cold and fluffy; it’s heaven in a pot.

Cold Stone Creamery: Like It Signature Creation

Location: Multiple
Estimated Savings: AED18

The choices are endless at Cold Stone with amazing flavours like birthday cake and cotton candy, you can fill it and top it with dozens of naughty things from sprinkles to Reese’s Pieces.

Now we’ve given you the perfect excuse to eat ice cream and the best places to indulge, we expect an invite soon, because like we said, we all deserve an ice cream!

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