Make Room For An All American 4th of July Feast!

4th of July means summer holidays have begun, kids are running riot around town, no longer confined to classrooms, and people are starting to wonder how they ever survived the sweltering summer in Dubai, because like every year, this one seems hotter than the last!

4th of July is fast approaching which gives us all the perfect excuse to head inside (no one has time for an outdoor BBQ in this heat) and celebrate the ‘Merican way! Personally, we don’t need an excuse to stuff our faces with anything deep-fried but if you need a little encouragement we’ve found some wonderful American eateries to help you indulge and celebrate American Independence.

CaliBurger: Cheeseburger Combo

Location: Multiple Locations
Estimated Savings: AED41

These burgers are famous for being moreish. You’ll find yourself craving one and nothing will satisfy you more than a Caliburger. A great American staple, head here for a 4th of July lunch of kings.

Wingstop: Platter of Ten Wings

Location: Multiple Locations
Estimated Savings: AED40

Wings! Spicy, baked, fried, smothered in sauce; these delicious bites of chicken goodness are a highlight of American cuisine in our eyes and can be eaten any time of day. Grab a couple as a snack for 4th of July to tide you over before your next foodie pitstop on the list.

Perry & Blackwelder’s: Main Course

Location: Souk Madinat Jumeirah
Estimated Savings: AED150

If you can’t decide which particular delicacy you fancy from the US of A, head to this awesome smokehouse and order one of everything! From short ribs to warm biscuits, Texan toast and hot dogs you’ll be surrounded by American classics and will need to be rolled out of the place.

Denny’s: Breakfast or Main Course

Location: Sheikh Zayed Road
Estimated Savings: AED35 or AED50

The US is famed for big portions and creating unimaginably tasty breakfasts, so to get a taste of what we are talking about, head to Denny’s and try an American fry up. You’ll also be able to put their sweet treats to the test including pancakes, waffles and pie. It’s just so American!

Uno Pizzeria and Grill: Main Course

Location: Multiple Locations
Estimated Savings: AED60

Everyone should try a Chicago deep dish pizza at least once in their life and there is no better time than 4th of July where calories don’t count and the humble pizza, original from Italy, was taken and transformed into this glorious, cheese-laden masterpiece.

Applebee’s: Breakfast or Main Course

Location: Multiple locations
Estimated Savings: AED35 OR AED60

Beside’s the usual belly-busting classics you can put your taste buds to the test with fried chicken, gravy and mash or a juicy steak here at Applebee’s.

Wazzup Dog: Wazzup Dog Meal

Location: Business Bay
Estimated Savings: AED29

A firm favourite amongst American’s and visitors to the larger than life country, hot dogs can be customised and eaten in so many ways, you are sure to find the perfect hot dog to chow down on.

Johnny Rockets: Main Menu Item

Location: Multiple Locations
Estimated Savings: AED33

So, this place is well-known for making some epic burgers, fries and onion rings but while you are obviously munching on these American staples, we actually recommend you order yourself a shake and find some room for the apple pie as they are hidden little gems that top of your all American meal perfectly.

You can thank us later for the good eats and we hope you celebrate 4th of July in style and with full stomachs. Don’t forget to tag us! #experienceiseverything

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