3 Exercises To Get The Perfect Summer Body

Whether some of us are looking forward to basking in the UAE heat this summer, or dreaming of slightly cooler temperatures elsewhere, it’s true that we’re all still on our mission to achieve our ideal beach-ready body! After happily welcoming fitness boutique DEFINE on board a couple of months ago, we are now even more ecstatic to have received tips from one of their experts on which 3 signature barre exercises we should be doing to get the perfect summer body.

Luckily for us, the inspirational Fitness Trainer (and wonder woman!) Stef has shown us how to complete these exercises properly for the maximum benefits. We will be sure to add these thigh, glute and tricep strengtheners to the top of our daily to do lists – now all you have to do is make sure you do too!

Or, even better, why not get down to DEFINE – located in Silverene Tower B, Dubai Marina – to check out their effective, fun and balanced sessions, and thrive off the positive impact it will have on you, too?! Their signature classes ensure a whole body workout, and include body, rev and yoga, so we thought you might like a bit of info about each:

Body: incorporates Pilates, yoga, ballet and core strengthening techniques, along with easy to use equipment (hooray!)
Rev: heart-pounding cardio workout involving an indoor cycling class, ideal for sculpting all muscles.
Yoga: allows you to grow yourself physically, mentally and spiritually, increasing mobility and stability.

With the Barre Class, Cycling Class and Hammock Yoga Class all available as 2 for 1 offers on your ENTERTAINER, grab a friend and start your mission – operation get fitter! With a strong focus on well-being, a community feel and giving back, the studio supports all members to become their absolute best.

Whether you’re looking for cardio, strength training, or the whole package, look no further. We’ll see you there!

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