10 Accounts To Follow To Stay Motivated This Year

As we approach the end of January, a few of us may well have already broken those New Year’s resolutions. If you too are thinking, ‘yep, that’s me’, fear not, as we have a little inspiration and motivation that may just get you back on track. From getting fitter and getting out more, to travelling further and re-creating your style, the people behind the social media handles below will give you that positive push in the direction you need. Here are the 10 accounts we think you will also fall in love with.

If you’re in Dubai…

…and you need some fitness inspiration

Not just a Fitness Blogger, but also a Global Spartan Race Ambassador, Hanlie, AKA @fitterstronger, makes us want to jump out of bed and run ten miles, complete 1,000 burpees and learn how to hold a handstand for longer than one second, all before 7am. Although we might not be able to achieve all that initially, at least we have the inspiration to try.

…and you don’t know where to travel to next

Jeff & Anne, from @whatdoesntsuck, cram as much as they can into each of their travel destinations – especially as they only spend 48 hours in each chosen location. For tips on how to make the most out of a new country you want to explore, follow this adventurous couple – they prove that you can explore to your heart’s content, and be back at your desk by 9am Sunday morning.

…and you want to rustle up a few new healthy dishes this year

Ahlam (@straightupbananas) is your woman. This real-food foodie and leftovers recycler prepares plant-based, home-cooked (delicious) dishes, and luckily for us, shares them all online. From chia seed pudding, to vegan burgers, if you’re looking for some tasty new recipes, look no further.

…(or try some highly-rated dishes/restaurants available in the city)

Spoiling us with all things food, our very own Marketing Executive, Hedel, is also behind the blog @bringthefoodout, and she’s the best at highlighting all the amazing dishes we need to add to our must-try list, pronto.

…and you want to find your inner strength

Follow motivational public speaker Natalia – @thinknatalia. This #girlboss will provide you with all the encouragement you need to do whatever it is that you want to achieve. She turns every workshop or speech that she delivers into a mini celebration of life – just see for yourselves!

…and you want real talk, mum-to-mum

Say hello to The Mothership, who, in this picture, shows us what’s like to work from home, alongside ‘colleagues that want to make PlayDoh animals, sit on your lap and twirl on the office chair’. Hilarious. She keeps it so real, and we love her posts. Mums, we just know you will too.

If you’re in Abu Dhabi…

…and you want to work towards your fitness goals

Omar Nour @o.n.tri is a pro triathlete, who has lost over 70lbs through training after deciding enough was enough. These days? On 14 December 2017, Omar and his friend embarked on their journey of rowing 5,000km to Antigua, completely unsupported. Unfortunately their boat capsized, but luckily they were safe with someone coming to their aid. Talk about inspiration!

…and you want to check out new restaurants (and new sweet treat spots)

Whether it’s Churros beside the Louvre, or Brisket Sliders inside swanky hotels, we all deserve a treat from time to time (and an excuse to stop hibernating inside in our pj’s). For great restaurant and food reviews, be sure to check out @bestbitesad‘s mouth-watering feed.

…and you need inspiration to plan your next getaway

Use @anexpatabroad‘s cute elephant pictures to convince your other half that it’s time for a holiday! How could they say no? Follow Jo’s expeditions for the ultimate holiday planning – booking your next trip will most definitely help with those January blues.

…and you want to re-create your look

From suave suits to stylish shoes, take some style tips from The Style Choreo, AKA Paul, if you’re feeling a little bit of a makeover this year. New year, new me and all that!

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