There’s So Much You Can Do With Your Dubai Body 2017

Do you know about that little (ok, HUGE!) offer we’re doing where upon purchasing your ENTERTAINER you receive Dubai Body 2017 completely free? Of course, you do! How could you not! Well, I thought I’d remind you of some of the fabulous offers nestled happily within your Dubai Body 2017 App. Isn’t it about time you brought them out to play? After all, we’re 2 months into the New Year and I think you could do with a little R&R. Here’s a few of my favourite Dubai Body offers available. 

Sheraton: Pool & Beach Access

If you’re looking to either relax with a good book, catch some rays, have a swim, or treat the family to a day out in the gorgeous Dubai sunshine, then a pool and beach pass to the Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort is your answer. This five-star luxury beach resort is one of Dubai’s favourite beach havens and is the ultimate paradise. With superb relaxation and leisure facilities set in the middle of 10,000 square meters of landscaped gardens shaded by palm trees, this is utter bliss!

Blo Out Beauty Bar: Blow Dry

A good or bad hair day can make or break you. And sometimes we all have a hair-raising situation that even a hat or the most expensive haircut can’t save. But fear not! Blo Out Beauty Bar comes to the rescue with a picture-perfect blow dry. Whether it’s beautiful big bouncy locks with lashes of volume, laid back beachy waves, or a sultry sleek look, Blo Out Beauty Bar will have you holding your head up high and ready to tackle the day ahead.

Bab Al Shams: Pool Access

I have a feeling this one is going to really excite you. Pool access to one of the most beautiful hotels in Dubai, Bab Al Shams. Admittedly a little trek from central Dubai but this is precisely what makes it all the more exciting. As you take a dip in the stunning infinity pool, drink in hand, and rolling sand dunes in the distance you’ll feel like you’re on a mini holiday. Can we go now? I’ll race you there!

Zen Yoga: Pilates or Yoga Mat Class

Yoga and Pilates. Two fitness classes known to help stretch out those weary limbs and provide a whole lot of zen at the same time. Pop along to Zen Yoga, one of Dubai’s original Yoga and Pilates studios, where their highly qualified instructors will teach you everything you need to know about Yoga or Pilates with one of their classes. You’ll soon know the difference between your Downward Dog and Cobra pose before you know it.

Clarins Spa

The hot weather in Dubai combined with the freezing cold temperatures of the AC can cause havoc with your skin. So, when your skin is in need of a little pick-me-up then head to the heavenly Clarins Spa for a lovely Facial Treatment. Defined by their unique expertise in combining nature, science, and pure relaxation, Clarins has an innovative approach to beauty, which contributes to well-being, balance and your happiness. You’re guaranteed to come out looking and feeling fresh faced, relaxed and vowing to make this a regular treat.

Anantara Spa The Palm: 60 Minute Anantara Signature Massage

Has the New Year been plain sailing or has it been littered with a little more stress than you would have hoped? Well, if you’re in the latter category then it’s only right you treat yourself to a massage and melt your tensions away. And a 60 Minute Anantara Signature Massage at the uber luxurious Anantara Spa The Palm is just the place to do just that. A lovely experience guaranteed to get those shoulders of yours away from your ears and those knots in your back well and truly released. Heaven.

Dial A Nail: Everlasting Gel Manicure

Sometimes all we need to feel pampered is a little trip to the nail salon. And this is where Dial A Nail and their Everlasting Gel Manicure comes in. I love this salon for its customer-oriented service tailor made to meet your own personal needs, so you know you’re going to be treated like royalty the moment you step foot through the salon’s doors.

Tips & Toes: Full Body Massage

Ahh Tips & Toes. An institution in Dubai and for good reason. Why? Because their treatments are always 100% amazing. Let them look after you in their warm cosy spa with one of their amazing Full Body Massages. Just be careful not to fall asleep. You don’t want to miss a minute of this treatment!

Go on, make the most of your Dubai Body App and treat yourself to some gorgeous treatments. You deserve it!

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