How to find your hotel on the App

We’ve got the best prices in the market and we don’t shout about it, why? Because these rates are available to our ENTERTAINER members only and we want you to get the best prices before anyone else knows about them.

We’ve updated our app, leaner and sleeker than ever and with the best rates, but we know that some of our members believe in the ‘old is gold’ saying. Do not fret, we still have our golden 2-for-1 nights hotels and we’ve got great prices for hotels that you can book then and there. You choose which offer works best for you.

Both offer types are available under the Travel section of your ENTERTAINER app.

How to find your 2-for-1 hotel nights

You can use the filter on the top to see the 2-for-1 offers. 2-for-1 offers are not for direct booking and require you to contact the hotel to make your reservation. You can contact the hotel via the inquiry form or calling the hotel directly by phone. Once you’ve got confirmation from the hotel of your booking, you just need to turn up at the hotel with your ENTERTAINER app in hand to redeem the offer. You pay at the hotel and enjoy your stay.


Discounted hotels and filters

ENTERTAINER getaways compares rates in real-time against the most popular travel sites each time you search. We show you the best comparable prices, and you can book it right there and then. The price shown is the price you pay! You pay online at the time of booking, so you don’t need to worry about payment at the hotel.

We’ve sorted the hotels by how much discount we are giving compared to competitors, so make it a habit to always look here, you might find some real bargains!

Filter by price, stars, amenities or by type.


If you know what 2-for-1 hotel you are looking to book, you can find it easily through the magnifying glass at the top right of your screen

We display our top 2-for-1 hotel in the Top Hotels tile, easy for you to find.

Video Tutorial

In a nutshell, the ENTERTAINERgetaways booking engine gives you great deals, either through the classic ENTERTAINER 2-for-1 deals that you know and love or through our direct booking engine where you can avail up to 60% discount on published prices.

Remember, these offers are exclusive to our ENTERTAINER members and not available to everyone.

Book now through your app!

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