We Have Some-PING To Give You!

By now, you should all know about our gift to you this festive season, but if you don’t, then we’ll remind you! This December, we’re giving each of you 1,000 PINGS, which means that you will now have the opportunity to share all of your unused ENTERTAINER offers with your nearest and dearest! Whether you need to cheer up your best friend by pinging her an offer for a bottle of house grape, or need to provide a tired colleague with the chance to purchase two large cups of coffee for the price of one, we want to give you some-PING to smile about. To make your life easier, we’ve come up with some amazing offers we reckon your friends and family would just love to receive.

To the wife who is craving something sweet, PING: Large Cup of Ice Cream at Ice-Cream Lab

When your wife says she fancies something sweet, then it’s only fair that you PING her an offer for just that! A Large Cup of Ice Cream should do the trick, but with her ENTERTAINER, she can receive one for free, meaning you too might just benefit!

To the friend looking to get active while having fun, PING: Zumba Sessions at The Room

Created by a Colombian dancer Alberto “Beto” Pérez, this dance fitness program ensures your friend can get fit, while feeling fabulous, and having a lot of fun. Luckily The Room at Zayed Sports City is on your ENTERTAINER, so you can PING over those offers!

To the sister flying over from home, PING: One Room Night at Hyatt Capital Gate Abu Dhabi

Holding the Guiness World Record for being the only hotel to have an 18-degree lean, we reckon your sister will just adore the unique Hyatt Capital Gate, which is within close proximity to both the airport and the Grand Mosque. Floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the city add to its wow factor, as does the 19th-floor swimming pool – she won’t find a better view to swim along! And don’t forget, she can stay for two nights, but only pay for one!

To the colleague looking to learn a new skill, PING: 50% Off Arabic Language Course at Khawarizmi Training Solutions

Has your colleague been living in the country for a while, but not picked up any of the lingo yet? Now’s their chance to learn, especially with 50% off the Arabic Language Course!

To the best friend who refuses to leave the apartment at the weekend, PING: Main Menu Item from Kcal

Who says staying in and ordering always has to involve bad food? Cheer your friend up by pinging over an offer for a healthy dinner – with Kcal’s extensive wholesome menu, they’ll struggle to decide. Good job they can order two of their favourite options, then!

From 3-30 December 2017, you can PING away, and your friends and family can get redeeming! Remember, there’s always some-PING to smile about!

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