Some-PING You Need To Know!

You know us, we love to play fair. So, due to unfortunate use and abuse of our PINGS feature, we’ve had to adjust our loyalty rules to ensure that it benefits everyone in the system – yippee!

Your purchased ENTERTAINER product still gives you 10 PINGS and remains unchanged – the only thing we’ve amended is the loyalty aspect.

All you need to know about PINGS

Loyalty changes:
  • You can only buy back one additional set of 10 PINGS per product you own
  • You can receive 20 PINGS in total for the year, regardless of the number of products you own
  • You can receive a maximum of 3 PINGS aligned with trialling the product
  • You can’t send PINGS
  • No PING buy back option

Happy PING-ing!

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