If you’ve never used the ENTERTAINER the likelihood is you probably know the basics and nothing about all the other cool features, but it’s not all just Buy One Get One Free. Did you know that there’s SO MUCH MORE you can do to get the most out of your App? These little ENTERTAINER App hacks will forever impact the way you use it.

Monthly Offers

Of all the sneaky little ENTERTAINER App hacks, this one will blow your mind. A select few of our merchants will add an exclusive monthly offer to the product, which means you get a bonus offer in addition to the ones already on the App. The best part is that Monthly Offers are unlimited – so you can use them as many times as you want for as long as it is on the App! Monthly Offers come and go all the time so keep your eyes peeled for new ones each month.

Where do I find the Monthly Offers?
There’s a monthly offer for each category, so choose a category and click on the “monthly” bar to see places on the App that have a special Monthly offer on right now!

Find Offers Nearby

If you have location services turned on, the App will be able to suggest places near you so you don’t have to travel far to save money!

Where do I find Nearby Offers?
Open your App and choose a category depending on what you feel like doing, whether it be going for dinner or choosing something to do on the weekend and then click view all next to the nearby section to see what’s close.

Bookmarking Offers

When you find a place you love, want to remember it for the future or to find it easily rather than searching through the App when you need it, you can actually bookmark merchants to make all this easy. After choosing a category and finding the perfect merchant, you can click the star icon at the top right of your screen. The star will turn yellow and voila, you have saved a merchant!

Where do I find my booked marked Offers?
At any time, when you need to find your bookmarked Offers in a jiffy, you can click the star icon at the bottom of the screen. This will take you straight to your favourite merchants with no need to search!

Map Feature

If you are more of a visual person you can also view offers close to you as pins on our map. This is a great little feature to show you just how much you can do around you and you can move the map around to see offers in different areas, to help you plan your whole day!

Where to find the map feature?
When you have chosen a category and are scrolling through our list of merchants, you can click the word ‘map’ in the top right-hand corner and your list view will change to our map view! Zoom in or out by pinching the screen and move the radius around easily to any area you are interested in. Click any of the pins to find out more about that merchant. It’s as simple as that.


If you’re looking for a place with space for the children to run around, or you’re looking for a Halal restaurant, then never fear, the ENTERTAINER is here! When you’re searching through categories, you can easily filter the results to either include the things you want or exclude the things you don’t. There is even a “pets allowed” option; how cool is that?!

Where do I find the filter option?
First, select the category you wish to search, then click on the slider icon next to the search bar. When the filter screen pops up, just choose your filters and click “done”. Easy peasy.

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